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Teachers, Teachers, Teachers have great influence on us during the formative stages of our liver, either for good, and sometimes for not very good purposes. When we watch our teachers' mannerism, their impeccable grooming and attire, their use of good communication skills, we all want to be like them. Yes we want to become teachers like them. That is why I am a teacher today; but as a teacher of architecture, I have now come to learn that there were some things my teachers did not teach me. For instance, if only my teachers had told me what architecture really means; if only they had told me that at graduation as an "architect" my journey into this noble profession had just begun. If my teachers had told me that my learning process was a life-long process, maybe I would not be telling this story. This book is therefore my modest attempt at sharing my experiences as a teacher of this profession, and especially to intimate those on this course of endevour to be mindful of the fact that there are so many things your teachers did not, will not and could not teach you.

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