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The Electrode Pads are suitable for Rocage Digital Massagers. And it would be great for body health to replace Electrode Pads regularly. Reusable and Durable Use The electrode pads can use repeatedly, stick the protective film above the electrode pads after using. Easy to Use Just stick the electrode pads on any body parts you want massage, you can enjoy the massage relaxation with the massager (not included). Powerful Adhesiveness Self-adhesive design, easy to stick to any body parts. Note It is better to replace the electrode pads after two months' use. Specifications Name 3 Pairs Rocago Reusable Adhesive Electrode Massage Pads Brand Rocago Type Electrode Pads Material Silicone Color As the Pictures Show Quantity 3 Pairs(6 Pieces) Application Rocago Digital Massagers Product Weight 20g Product Size 7.5 x 4.2cm Package Weight 60g Package Size 12 x 12 x 12cm Package Contents 3 x Pairs Rocago Electrode Pads
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