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Highlight - Elegance and high quality faucet upgrade your bathroom. - Ideal faucet for kids and old peopleprotect your family from scale. - LED color changes according to water temperature. - LED light is powered by 4 AA batteries and will be activated once the water is turned on. - No need to change the AA batteries in one year. Characteristic - High pressure of cold/hot water test at 12-20kg and pneumatic tests. - Normal use over 600000 times without water leaks. - High quality and durable ceramic valves ensuring there are no water leaks. - Salt spray test over 200 hours. - Material: Brass Glass - Finish: Chrome - Style: Contemporary - Number of handles: Single-handle - Installation Holes: One Hole - Valve Type: Ceramic Valve - Faucet Body Material: Brass - Faucet Spout Material: Brass - Transparent plate: Glass - Faucet Total Height (inch): 6.8898 - Spout Height (inch): 2.5591 - Spout Length (inch): 5.9055 - Spout Width (inch): 3.14 - Shipping Weight (kg): 1.46 - Water pipe: 1/2"threaded connection - Sink compatibility: about 1.4 inches hole Note: 4 AA batteries and all necessary installation accessories are included in the package.
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