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FX796T-2 5.8G 200mW 40CH Audio Video AV Transmitter With Antenna For FPV Multicopter From 11.19 Connector: SMA Female Antenna Connector: SMA Male Description: Item Name: FX796T-2 AV Transmitter Model: FX796T-2 TX Power: 200mW Channel: 40 Channel adjust via one button Operating Voltage: 7~24V Connector: SMA Female Antenna Connector: SMA Male Frequency: 5.8G Current Consumption: 200mA Features: 1. Vertical antenna connector design for racing drone 2. Button control instead of switch,LEDs for frequency selection 3. Five bands 40 channels with Raceband English Manual. Package Included: 1 x FX796T-2 AV Transmitter 1 x Antenna 1 x Cable

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