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Up-to-date, accurate information is essential when it comes to the health and well-being of you and your loved ones. Collins Medical Dictionary and Health Guide places that information at your fingertips. Written in layman's language, this easy-to-use A to Z reference provides clear, concise definitions and descriptions of virtually every known ailment and condition, as well as medical procedures and treatments, and will end the confusion and frustration most people experience when faced with jargon and technical terms, enabling them to make better, more informed healthcare decisions. Collins Medical Dictionary and Health Guide is the only dictionary to include a wide range of terms from alternative and complementary medicine. The Health Guide section presents essential informationnot found in other dictionaries, including a schedule of life-saving screenings and tests how to check up on healthcare providers signs and symptoms of common medical conditions immunizations you need when you travel and much, much more With a pronunciation guide, useful illustrations and charts, and more than 10,000 entries, Collins Medical Dictionary and Health Guide is a must-have medical reference for you and your family.

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