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Upgrade version of Bluedio R+ HD stereo Bluetooth headset adopting CSR an UK famous brand and Bluetooth 4.0 Ultra low Energy technology combines with Bluedio 8-channel drive units creating a HD Audio and low energy music world for you. Support aptX®audio suppression solution let you immerse yourself in your own music world. The perfect display of Bluetooth 4.0 Ultra low energy technology Bluedio R+ Bluetooth headset has up to 1300hrs ultra-long standby time and up to 28hrs Bluetooth music playtime. You can enjoy every second of the wonderful music by the unique and comfortable headset wearing design. Support NFC (Near Field Communication) Bluedio R&D team combines with the latest NFC technology and successfully applies in Bluedio newly products such as R+. NFC offering a simply touch solutions can be used in mobile devices Bluetooth headset.Bluedio synchronizes technology with you all the time. Built in Micro-SD card music playing Function. Bluedio R+ can play music of MP3/FLAC/WAV/ AAC /SBC or APE music format through Micro-SD card(up to 32GB). PPS8 (Physical position surround sound) With the guide of Psychoacoustic Principles Bluedio R&D Team spends one and a half years to create revolutionary "PPS" sound system and forge perfect acoustic structure in the series of R. Bluedio stereo headset. Support LINE-IN Mode With 3.5mm Audio cable Bluedio R+ can be connected with mobiles or computers answering a call listening to music or chatting with friend on the Internet. Bluetooth Version: V4.0 Support aptX® A2DP AVRCP HSP v HFP RF Frequency Range: 2402 ~ 2480MHz(ISM BAND) Transmitting Power: Class2 RF Sensitivity: < -85dBm (PER 1 %) Operating Distance: Up To 20m (free space) Frequency Response: 10-22kHz
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