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Содержание: BELSHAZZAR Oratorio In Three Acts, HWV 61 Libretto: Charles Jennens Belshazzar - Robert Tear, Tenor Nitocris - Felicity Palmer, Soprano Cyrus - Maureen Lehane, Mezzo-Soprano Daniel - Paul Esswood, Alto Gobrias - Peter Van Der Bilt, Bass Arioch - Thomas Sunnegardh, Tenor Messenger - Staffan Sandlund, Bass Stockholm Kammerkoren Eric Ericson, Chorus Master Continue: Nikolaus Harnoncourt, Cello Herbert Tachezi, Harpsichord Concentus Musicus Wien Nikolaus Harnoncourt CD 1: 01. Ouverture ACT ONE Scene 1 02. No.1a Accompagnato Ed Arioso: Vain, Fluctuating State Of Human Empire! (Nitocris) 03. No.1 Air: Thou, God Most High (Nitocris) 04. Recitative: The Fate Of Babylon, I Fear, Is Nigh (Nitocris) Recitative: О Much Belov'd Of God And Man! Say (Nitocris, Daniel) 05. No.3 Air: Lament Not Thus, Oh Queen, In Vain! (Daniel) Scene 2 06. No.4 Chorus Of Babylonians: Behold, By Persia's Hero Made In Ample Form 07. Recitative: Well May They Laugh, From Meagre Famine Safe (Gobrias, Cyrus) No.5 Accompagnato: Oh Memory! Still Bitter To My Soul! (Gobrias) 08. No.6 Air: Oppress'd With Never-Ceasing Grief (Gobrias) 09. No.7 Air: Dry Those Unavailing Tears (Cyrus) 10. Recitative: Be Comforted (Cyrus) No.8 Accompagnato: Methought, As On The Bank Of Deep Euphrates (Cyrus) Recitative: Now Tell Me, Gobrias (Cyrus, Gobrias) 11. No.9 Air: Behold The Monstrous Human Beast (Gobrias) 12. Recitative: Can You Then Think It Strange (Cyrus) No.10 Air: Great God! Who, Yet But Darkly Known (Cyrus) Recitative: My Friends, Be Confident, And Boldly Enter Upon This High Exploit (Cyrus) 13. No.11 Chorus (Of Medes And Persians): All Empires Upon God Depend Scene 3 14. No. 12 Arioso: Oh Sacred Oracles Of Truth! (Daniel) 15. No.13 Accompagnato: Rejoice, My Countrymen: The Time Draws Near (Daniel) Recitative: For Long Ago, Whole Ages Ere This Cyrus Yet Was Born (Daniel) No.14 Accompagnato: "Thus Saith The Lord To Cyrus, His Anointed..." (Daniel) 16. No.15 Chorus (Of Jews): Sing, Oh Ye Heav'ns! CD 2: Scene 4 01. No.16 Air: Let Festal Joy Triumphant Reign! (Belshazzar) 02. Recitative: For You, My Friends, The Nobles Of My Court (Belshazzar, Nitocris) 03. No.17 Air: The Leafy Honours Of The Field (Nitocris) 04. Recitative: It Is The Custom, I May Say, The Law (Belshazzar, Nitocris) 05. No.18 Chorus Of Jews: Recall, Oh King! Thy Rash Command 06. Recitative: They Tell You True (Nitocris, Belshazzar) 07. No.19 Duet: Oh Dearer Than My Life, Forbear! (Nitocris, Belshazzar) 08. No.20 Chorus Of Jews: By Slow Degrees The Wrath Of God ACT TWO Scene 1 09. No.21 Chorus (Of Persians): See, From His Post Euphrates Flies! No.22 Semichorus I: Why, Faithless River, Dost Thou Leave Thy Charge No.23 Semichorus II: Euphrates Hath His Task Fulfill'd No.24 Chorus: Of Things On Earth, Proud Man Must Own 10. Recitative: You See, My Friends, A Path Into The City Lies Open (Cyrus) No.25 Air: Amaz'd To Find The Foe So Near (Cyrus) 11. No.26 Chorus Of Persians: To Arms, To Arms! No More Delay! Scene 2 12. No.27 Chorus Of Babylonians: Ye Tutelar Gods Of Our Empire, Look Down 13. No.28 Air: Let The Deep Bowl Thy Praise Confess (Belshazzar) No.29 Accompagnato: Where Is The God Of Judah's Boasted Pow'r? (Belshazzar) Chorus (Of Babylonians): Help, Help The King!... Oh Dire Portentous Sight! (Chorus, Belshazzar) Recitative: Call All My Wise Men (Belshazzar) 14. No.30: Symphonie Recitative: Ye Sages! Welcome Always To Your King (Belshazzar) No.31 Trio: Alas! Too Hard A Task The King Imposes (Wise Men) 15. No.32 Chorus (Of Babylonians): Oh Misery! Oh Terror! Hopeless Grief! CD 3: 01. Recitative: Oh King, Live For Ever! (Nitocris) Recitative: Art Thou That Daniel Of The Jewish Captives? (Belshazzar) 02. No.33 Air: No! To Thyself Thy Trifles Be (Daniel) No.34 Accompagnato: Yet To Obey His Dread Command (Daniel) No.36 Accompagnato: Thou, О King, Hast Lifted Up Thyself Against The Lord (Daniel) Recitative: Oh Sentence Too Severe! And Yet Too Sure! (Nitocris) 03. No.37 Air: Regard, Oh Son, My Flowing Tears (Nitocris) Scene 3 04. No.37 Air: Oh God Of Truth! Oh Faithful Guide! (Cyrus) Recitative: You, Gobrias, Lead Directly To The Palace (Cyrus) 05. No.39 Chorus (Of Persians): Oh Glorious Prince! ACT THREE Scene 1 06. No.40 Air: Alternate Hopes And Fears Distract My Mind (Nitocris) 07. Recitative: Fain Would I Hope - Is There Not Room For Hope? (Nitocris, Daniel) No.41 Air: Can The Black Aethiop Change His Skin? (Daniel) 08. Recitative: My Hopes Revive - Here Arioch Comes (Nitocris, Arioch, Messenger) 09. No.42 Chorus Of Jews: Bel Boweth Down! Scene 2 10. No.43 Air: I Thank Thee, Sesach (Belshazzar) No.44 A Martial Symphony, During Which A Battle Is Suppos'd, In Which Belshazzar And His Attendants Are Slain Scene 3 11. No.45 Air: To Pow'r Immortal My First Thanks Are Due (Gobrias) 12. Recitative: Be It Thy Care, Good Gobrias, To Find Out The Queen (Cyrus) No.46 Air: Destructive War, Thy Limits Know (Cyrus) 13. No.47 Duet: Great Victor, At Your Feet I Bow (Nitocris, Cyrus) 14. Recitative: Say, Venerable Prophet, Is There Aught In Cyrus' Pow'r (Cyrus, Daniel) 15. No.48 (Soli And) Chorus: Tell It Out Among The Heathen, That The Lord Is King No.49 Accompagnato: Yes, I Will Build Thy City, God Of Israel (Cyrus) 16. No.50 Soli And Chorus: I Will Magnify Thee, Oh God My King! JEPHTHA Oratorio In Three Acts, HWV 70 Libretto: Thomas Morell Jephtha - Werner Hollweg, Tenor Zebul - Thomas Thomaschke, Bass Storge - Glenys Linos, Soprano Iphis - Elizabeth Gale, Soprano Hamor - Pau' Esswood, Alto Angel - Gabriele Sima, Soprano Chorus Of Israelites Mozart-Sangerknaben I Rich Schwarzbauer, Chorus Master Arnold Schoenberg Chor Irwin Ortner, Chorus Master Concentus Musicus Wien Nikolaus Harnoncourt CD 4: 01. Ouverture - Menuet ACT ONE 02. No.1 Accompagnato: It Must Be So - Or These Vile Ammonites (Zebul) No.2 Air: Pour Forth No More Unheeded Pray'rs (Zebul) 03. No.3 Chorus: No More To Amnion's God And King 04. Recitative: But Lephtha Comes. - Kind Heaven, Assist Our Plea (Zebul, Jephtha) No.4 Air: Virtue My Soul Shall Still Embrace (Jephtha) 05. Recitative: 'Twill Be A Painful Separation, Jephtha (Storge) No.5 Air: In Gentle Murmurs Will I Mourn (Storge) 06. Recitative: Happy This Embassy, My Charming Iphis (Hamor) No.6 Air: Dull Delay, In Piercing Anguish, Bids Thy Faithful Lover Languish (Hamor) 07. Recitative: 111 Suits The Voice Of Love When Glory Calls (Iphis) No.7 Air: Take The Heart You Fondly Gave, Lodg'd In Your Breast With Mine (Iphis) 08. Recitative: I Go; My Soul, Inspir'd By Thy Command Thirsts For The Battle (Hamor) No.8 Duet: These Labours Past, How Happy We! (Iphis, Hamor) 09. Recitative: What Mean These Doubtful Fancies Of The Brain? (Jephtha) No.9 Accompagnato: If, Lord, Sustain D By Thy Almighty Pow'r (Jephtha) Recitative: 'Tis Said. Attend, Ye Chiefs (Jephtha) 10. No. 10 Chorus: О God, Behold Our Sore Distress 11. Recitative: Some Dire Event Hangs O'er Our Heads (Storge) No.11 Air: Scenes Of Horror, Scenes Of Woe (Storge) 12. Recitative: Say, My Dear Mother, Whence These Piercing Cries (Iphis, Storge) No.12 Air: The Smiling Dawn Of Happy Days Presents A Prospect Clear (Iphis) 13. Recitative: Such, Jephtha, Was The Haughty King's Reply (Zebul, Jephtha) 14. No.13 Chorus: When His Loud Voice In Thunder Spoke CD 5: ACT TWO 01. Recitative: Glad Tidings Of Great Joy To Thee, Dear Iphis (Hamor) 02. No. 14 Chorus: Cherub And Seraphim, Unbodied Forms 03. No. 15 Air: Up The Dreadful Steep Ascending (Hamor) 04. Recitative: 'Tis Well. Haste, Haste, Ye Maidens (Iphis) No.16 Air: Tune The Soft Melodious Lute (Iphis) 05. Recitative: Again Heav'n Smiles On His Repentant People (Zebul) No. 17 Air: Freedom Now Once More Possessing (Zebul) 06. Recitative: Zebul, Thy Deeds Were Valiant (Jephtha) No. 18 Air: His Mighty Arm, With Sudden Blow, Dispers'd And Quell'd (Jephtha) 07. Chorus: In Glory High, In Might Serene 08. No.20 Symphony 09. Recitative: Hail, Glorious Conqueror! Much-Lov'd Father, Hail! (Iphis) No.21 Solo And Chorus: Welcome, As The Cheerful Light (Iphis) 10. Recitative: Horror! Confusion! (Jephtha) No.22 Air: Open Thy Marble Jaws, О Tomb (Jephtha) 11. Recitative: Why Is My Brother Thus Afflicted? (Zebul, Jephtha) 12. No.23 Accompagnato And Arioso: First Perish Thou; And Perish All The World! ... Let Other Creatures Die (Storge) 13. Recitative: If Such Thy Cruel Purpose; Lo! Your Friend Offers Himself (Hamor) No.24 Air: On Me Let Blind Mistaken Zeal Her Utmost Rage Employ (Hamor) 14. No.25 Quartet: О Spare Your Daughter! (Zebul, Storge, Hamor, Jephtha) 15. Recitative: Such News Flies Swift; I've Heard The Mournful Cause (Iphis) No.26 Accompagnato: For Joys So Vast, Too Little Is The Price Of One Poor Life (Iphis) No.27 Air: Happy They! This Vital Breath With Content I Shall Resign (Iphis) 16. No.28 Accompagnato: Deeper And Deeper Still, Thy Goodness, Child (Jephtha) 17. Chorus: How Dark, О Lord, Are Thy Decrees! CD 6: ACT THREE 01. No.30 Arioso: Hide Thou Thy Hated Beams, О Sun, In Clouds And Darkness (Jephtha) No.31 Accompagnato: A Father, Offering Up His Only Child (Jephtha) No.32 Air: Waft Her, Angels, Through The Skies (Jephtha) 02. No.33 Accompagnato: Ye Sacred Priests, Whose Hands Ne'er Yet Were Stain'd With Human Blood (Iphis) No.34 Air: Farewell, Ye Limpid Springs And Floods (Iphis) 03. No.35 Chorus: Doubtful Fear And Reverent Awe Strike Us, Lord 04. And Thy Determin'd Will Declare No.36 Symphony 05. Recitative: Rise, Jephtha. And Ye Reverend Priests, Withhold (Angel) No.37 Air: Happy, Iphis, Shalt Thou Live (Angel) 06. No.38 Arioso: For Ever Blessed Be Thy Holy Name (Jephtha) 07. No.39 Chorus: Theme Sublime Of Endless Praise 08. Recitative: Let Me Congratulate This Happy Turn (Zebul) No.40 Air: Laud Her, All Ye Virgin Train (Zebul) 09. Recitative: О Let Me Fold Thee In A Mother's Arms (Storge) No.41 Air: Sweet As Sight To The Blind, Or Freedom To The Slave (Storge) 10. Recitative: With Transport, Iphis, I Behold Thy Safety (Hamor) No.42 Air: 'Tis Heaven's All-Ruling Pow'r That Checks The Rising Sigh (Hamor) 11. Recitative: My Faithful Hamor, May That Providence (Iphis) No.43 Air: Freely I To Heaven Resign, All That Is In Hamor Mine (Iphis) 12. No.44 Chorus: Ye House Of Gilead, With One Voice, In Blessings Manifold Rejoice!
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