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This iKECIX V8000 is a USB plug-and-play driver free omnidirectional speakerphone for video conference. It features USB interface that can connect computers, supporting QQ, Skype chatting software, etc. for outstanding audio quality. It supports extra microphone to make the pickup range more flexible. Moreover, it also support video conference system to provide perfect audio solution for video conferencing. 5m Radius 360-Degree Pickup 5m radium omnidirectional pickup range, enjoy clear sound. Talk Anytime Anywhere Support LYNC conference, support Skype/QQ chatting software. USB Interface Plug and play, driver-free design, very convenient to use. Mute Function This microphone features mute function, which is very considerate. CrystalSound Audio Processing Technologies Combined with full bandwidth frequency response, so you can enjoy crisp, clear and rich audio playback for natural, effortless conversations. Microphone Switch Button You can choose to open one microphone or open all of them. Ultra-Low Power Consumption Power input 300mA Maximum, no worry of drawing too much power from your PC or video conference system. Specifications Recommend Parameter Recommend Meeting Room Under 50 square Recommend People Number10-20 ModelV8000 Microphone Sound Pick Up Range 5M Microphone Response Frequency 30Hz-16KHz Built-in Microphone 3 Trumpet Max Output (dB) 93dB Response Frequency 30Hz-16KHz Audio Full DuplexYes Dynamic Noise Reduction (DNR) Yes Automatic Gain Control (AGC) Yes Environments System RequirementsWindows XP/Vista/7/8/10 Power InputUSB, 5V DC @ 300mA Maximum Working Temperature5℃-40℃ Storage Temperature-30℃-55℃ Suitable forVideo conference, chatting software, etc. Package Weight400g Product Size33 x 28 x 5.5 cm Package Contents1 x V8000 Pickup1 x USB Cable1 x Manual
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