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"Camtasia Studio 5: The Definitive Guide" introduces readers to the latest features of Camtasia Studio, including the revamped Recorder application, automated zooming and panning with SmartFocus, and upload via FTP. Readers learn the entire process of creating top-notch software tutorials, marketing spots, and demonstrations, beginning with developing goals and determining the audience to scripting, recording, editing, producing, and sharing the video. Appropriate for users at all levels, this book provides a practical guide to getting the most out of Camtasia Studio. Learn how to: Record audio and video streams and add special effects with Camtasia Recorder. Extend and split media clips, add callouts and Flash hotspots, and create quizzes and surveys. Enhance your videos with a picture-in-picture track. Convert your PowerPoint presentations to Camtasia Studio recordings. Produce your videos for distribution via CD, DVD, the web, and portable media players. The companion CD includes a 30-day trial version of Camtasia Studio 5, free and trial versions of other software products that can enhance your videos, and project data files to assist in completing the chapter exercises.
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