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Using parametric interpolators in free-form surfacemachining is an important trend inmodern manufacturing industry because it is believedthat toolpaths in terms of parametriccurves or surfaces may result in lessaccelerations/decelerations and feedrate errorscompared with conventional methods in which linearinterpolators are used for surfacemachining. However, existing solutions are proposedwith only the viewpoint from controlsystem design, that is, to focus on improving thecapability of the CNC system and put allmotion planning tasks in the CNC system. This makesthe CNC system difficult toimplement and integrate with modern CAD/CAM systems.Seeing the difficulties to integrate modern CAD/CAMsystems with techniques developedin many researches on advanced interpolators, in thisresearch, the concept of DistributedMotion Planning System (DMPS) is proposed andimplemented according to viewpoints ofboth control system and CAD/CAM system design.

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