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Do you want to buy a cool gift for your kids? This vivid 3D shape 10PCS Pokemon Squirtle Building Block Educational Toy will be your best choices. The There are both short and long term positive effects of playing with construction toys. For instance, kids can learn basic colors and shapes while also learning visual-spatial awareness which will help develop future reading and writing skills. High-quality ABS material, non-toxic and safe to play with It can finally form a solid and vivid 3D shape, cute and cool decoration. Pokemon Squirtle Offers an incredible fun of creating Pokemon Squirtle with LOZ building blocks. 110PCS Colored Building Blocks Enables children to explore more construction possibilities with 110 colored building blocks. Enhancing spatial awareness Building toys help kids enhance their visual-spatial skills which are crucial for reading readiness Encouraging thinking and reasoning These skills are what make children become well-rounded, independent and successful adults Involving focus and patience Children need to work slowly and carefully to be successful at creating their designs Compact Storage Box Easy storage with the compact box to hold all building bricks. Premium Quality Made from premium ABS plastic to ensure safety and durability. Specification Brand LOZ Product Model 9140 Type Building Blocks Age 9 Years+ Material ABS plastic Product prototype Pokemon Character Name Squirtle Design Style Figure Statue Features DIY Puzzle Style 3D Puzzle Product Size 7.5 L x 7.5 W x 7.5 H cm Product Weight 50 g Package Content 1 x LOZ Diamond Block Set, 1 x User Manual
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