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bore size 80mm 10mm stroke double action with magnet sda series pneumatic cylinder купить по лучшей цене

The Benro IS05 tripod is the ultimate travel accessory that is uniquely designed for pocket cameras and mirrorless cameras. For quick and easy setup and dismantling the Benro IS05 features a quick-locking system which allows the 5 legs to be locked with one action. Not only is the Benro IS05 portable and quick to install but it also can be adjusted to become a selfie stick with the removable centre column, this centre column can also be reversed for low camera angles. Tripod & Ballhead Quick locking and releasing tripod, 5 section tubes can be locked by one action. Centre column can convert to a selfie stick. (phone holder is not included) Option to invert Centre Column for low angle photography. 3 Steps Adjustable leg angle. High quality aluminium construction. The single action ball head is perfect for 360 degree panoramic shooting. Anti-sliding rubber on the PU series quick release plate is Arca-Swiss compatible. Specification Max. Load Capacity 4kg (8.8 lbs) Material Aluminum Alloy Lock System Twist Lock Number of Sections 5 Sections Folded Length 265mm Max. Height (center column NOT extended) 935mm Max. Height (center column FULLY extended) 1510mm Min. Height 340mm Max. Selfie Stick Length 686mm Self Weight 0.92kg (2 lbs) Max. Leg Pipe Diameter 22mm Min. Leg Pipe Diameter 10mm Screw Size (Tripod to Ball Head) 3/8" Screw Size (Ball Head to Camera) 1/4" QR Plate Compatibility Mini Arca-Swiss Standard Please Note Not Compatible with SRL/DSRL Phone Adapter Specification Acceptable Phone Width 48-100mm (1.89" - 3.93"), includes: iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S Plus, Google Nexus 5 series, Nexus 6 series Smartphones within the 48-100mm Width Package Included 1 x Benro iSmart IS05 Aluminum Travel Tripod, 1 x Ball Head, 1 x Carry Box
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