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bm 800 condenser sound recording microphone with shock mount купить по лучшей цене

Comes with a fashion appearance, it features digital noise reduction function, which can effectively filter out noise surround to record clear sound. It records with universal MP3 format and uses high speed USB2.0 flash to store record and data. Fashion appearance: It is made of anti-abrasive zinc alloy material, with folded stand design, you can adjust angle within 100 degrees. PCM lossless recording, bits rate up to 768kbps recording mode Directional microphone, easily record clear sound Digital noise reduction, filter out noise part and after processing by computer to play clear sound Voice recording, start record when you speak and finish when you stop talking Telephone recording, with the external telephone cable plug in the recording adapter, then start recording as the process Divide recording, auto store last recording and start next, so you are convenient to look up 30m further distance wireless recording, solve the trouble recording in large space, you just need to set the machine and wireless microphone frequency, then you can record easily as you want FM radio, you can record your favorite program 8GB big capacity memory, realize long time recording Double speaker music playing, it support WAV AND MP3 play, with built-in stereo speaker Specifications Model VTR7100 Connection Earphone/3.5mm, built-in microphone, high speed USB2.0 Display Type OLED Resolution 128 x 64 pixels Memory Capacity 8G Memory Type NAND flash Wireless Recording 30m distance PCM Recording WAV format recording Recording Format MP3 Built-in Microphone Stereo Recording Mode HQ, PCM, SLP, SP FM and FM Recording Support Speaker Type Oval Speaker Output 1W Compression Format MP3 MP3 Bit Rate 8-192 kbps Battery Li-ion battery(Built-in) OS Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000, Mac OS Package Weight 150g Product Size 10 x 3.2 x 1.29 cm Package 1 x Recorder, 1 x USB Cable, 1 x Power Adapter(100-240V), 1 x Line-in Cable, 1 x External Microphone
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