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The needs of cost effective electronic devices in both production process and consumer market price has opened a great chance for organic electronics to emerge as a promising field to be studied in both research and industrial fields. Such opportunity has brought the use of organic compound from metal-phthalocyanines (MPc’s) derivatives in this work for sensors and solar cells fabrications. Soluble MPc’s such as NiTsPc and CuTsPc have been used in electrochemical sensor. The ITO/MPc solution/ITO chemical cells has been made and characterized in the temperature range of 25-85 ?C. Good response/recovery and small hysteresis have been attained. The proposed sensor is aimed to evolve towards highly sensitive organic temperature sensor in a specific temperature range. At the same time, a thin film device ITO/PEDOT:PSS/P3HT:VOPcPhO/Al bulk heterojunction solar cells has been fabricated. A broad absorption over the whole visible range (450-750 nm) is achieved and the maximum power conversation efficiency up to 1.09% has been recorded. The cell in fresh and aged condition has also been used in light sensing study, and showed a good responsivity toward the light intensity.
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