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Authored by Bruce Barber ( formerly) Bruce Barber Bird Feeders Cranesville, Pa. Setting up wild bird wood shop and creating wild bird backyard habitat. Advice on building wild bird feeders and nesting houses based on thirty plus years of experience. Barber supplied wild bird shops, catalogs (Plow & Hearth, Duncraft, Purple Martin Conservation Society, Cornell University Ornithology Lab, John Deere Catalog, Wild Birds Unlimited nation wild bird chain, Wild Bird Company Stores, Wild Bird Center Stores. As well as shipping to the UK, and Japan on a few occasions. Products designs, wood shop tools and safety as well as how to market wild bird hand crafted products. Develop wild bird friendly habitat on large and small sized properties and how to attract wild birds to your handiwork. Covers all aspects of starting a custom wild bird product business for profit. Displays several bird feeder and nesting house styles including wood selection, hardware and finishing oils.

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