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This book is needed today! This book is presenting the news media stories about the strange and unusual happenings that are taking place in the skies, on the land, in the waters, and with the weather.This book is needed today! People around the world are frightened and terrified. They are looking for answers and there are no real solutions for the catastrophes presented by the news media.This book is needed today! The scientific community is theorizing that global warming/ climate change is the reason for the unusual events; however, the Bible provides prophetic explanations regarding these events that are taking place and that will continue with greater ferocity.This book is needed today! This book offers opportunity for Believers to become fully grounded in the Word of God. Religious leaders may find this book to be a resource in preparing bible studies. This book increases awareness of events to come and hope for escaping the Old-World Order in preparation for the New World Order that the Bible promises. By reading this book, one will gain a clear understanding of how to make preparation for future events, and gain an understanding of the only hope for the future through the One who is the Way, the Truth and the Life.
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