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The Spirit of the Place And Other Strange Tales: The Complete Short Stories of Elizabeth Walter. All of Elizabeth Walter's 31 short stories collected in one volume for the first time, 560 pages. Supernatural, eerie and uncanny tales from her collections Snowfall & Other Chilling Events (1965), The Sin Eater & Other Scientific Impossibilities (1967), Davy Jones's Tale & Other Supernatural Stories (1971), Come And Get Me & Other Uncanny Invitations (1973) and Dead Woman & Other Haunting Experiences (1975). Elizabeth Walter was a novelist, short story writer, translator and for thirty years from 1961 editor of The Collins Crime Club. She was a very private person, but the book's editor, Dave Brzeski has researched snippets of bibliographic information from her days with Wlliam Collins. In addition he discusses her writing and reviews the adaptations of her stories on television, in his informative introduction.Positively brilliant. They should rank as classics among occult stories. The character building and atmosphere are superb”Dennis Wheatley on ‘The Sin Eater’
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