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Inhaltsangabe:Abstract: This study will examine the issues faced by today's automobile industry with a particular emphasis on the Internet and its effects on the new car sales structure. In order to understand the significance of the Internet in regards to the automobile business it will look at developments and trends in both areas before bringing them together. The analysis will commence with a general overview of the Internet and E-Commerce and their implications in today's business and society before studying the effects on markets and business models with a particular focus on the retail sector. It will then examine the current use of the Internet of auto manufacturers and consumers and will continue with the investigation of the automobile market and latest developments in auto retailing. In conclusion, the study will illustrate the possible “E”-strategy for automotive manufacturers before giving a future outlook. Since most trends and developments have their origin in the United States the data and information available is predominantly concerning the North American market. Inhaltsverzeichnis:Table of Contents: Abstractii Contentsiv 1.Introduction2 2.Internet & E-Commerce4 2.1The Internet5 2.2E-Commerce7 2.2.1Sales Information7 2.2.2Business-to-Business10 2.2.3Business-to-Consumer11 2.3E-Commerce becomes E-Business12 2.4The Internet and its Effects on Markets and Business14 2.5Effects on the Retail Business15 2.5.1The RRA - Methodology15 2.5.2The Value Chai...

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