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In the present study, population status, distribution and environmental impacts on reptiles in the coastal areas of Karachi has been determined. Total twenty seven reptilian species including Green Turtle, Olive Ridley, and Hawksbill Turtle, nine lizard species such as Common Tree Lizard, Spotted Barn Gecko, Yellow Bellied Common House Gecko, Persian House Gecko, Blotched House Gecko, Mediterranean House Gecko, Blue Tail Sand Lizard, Spotted Lacerta, and Bengal Monitor were recorded from Manora, Sandspit, Hawksbay and Cape Monze areas. Fifteen snakes species viz Beaked Sea Snake, Blue Green Sea Snake, Annulated Sea Snake, Persian Sea Snake, Broad Band Sea Snake, Reef Sea Snake, Yellow Sea Snake, Pygmy Sea Snake, Spotted Small Headed Sea Snake, Pelagic Sea Snake, Spotted Viperine Sea Snake, and Blotched Diadem Snake were recorded, while three species Cliff Racer, Saw-scaled Viper and Black Cobra were recorded from Manora, Hawkesbay and Cape Monze area only. The research techniques and information are helpful for graduate and research students of wildlife, Herpetologists, National Parks managers, wildlife biologists, wildlife conservation organizations etc.

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