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We are delighted that you are holding one of our Define Fine travel books in your hands. This book is a result of our very personal and very careful research of the life of this amazing city. It is also a result of very long walks, many sleepless nights and early mornings, heated discussions and our passion for everything beautiful. In this book you will not find the usual selection of big hotels and famous sights, those you already know or will discover without difficulty on your own or in other guides. We are offering you a selection of places we personally love, the best that this city and its people have to offer - the places that the locals consider to be special, the places they love and are proud of. We are grateful for their guidance and recommendations. But ultimately this is our and very personal choice of the finest of privately owned and operated businesses, in all spheres of life and all price ranges. Being entrepreneurs ourselves we made it our mission to support and promote projects which have unique esthetical value. We are travelling the world with our eyes and hearts wide open to beauty in all its manifestations. We are delighted to share with you the treasures we found on the way. We do believe that your travel through this city guided by us will be exciting, enchanting, enriching. We are not claiming this selection to be final, there are always new places to discover. But we are sure that we can guide you to what a world traveller should experience - the essence of Amsterdam. Enjoy your trip!
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