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Color Blue Lamp Yes Brand AK Model AK56070 Material ABS Quantity 1 Set Shape Model Sports Car Scale Others1:18 Channels Quanlity 2 Channels Function LeftRightForwardBackward Remote control frequency 27MHz fps Remote Control Range 15 m Suitable Age 5-7 Years8-11 Years12-15 YearsGrownups Battery Capacity 300 mAh Battery Type AANi-MH batterys Charging Time 3~4 Hour Working Time 22~25 minutes Remote Controller Battery Type 9V Remote Controller Battery Number 1 (included) Certification CE Other Features Adopt environmentally safe ABS material and car wheel use TPR; High likeness every detail be reproduced with a high degree of accuracy; Has great operating performance car can drifting in a high-speed; Developing intelligence exercising the ability of using hands and brain Packing List 1 x R/C car 1 x Remote control 4 x AA Rechargeable batteries (for R/C car) 1 x 9V battery (Non-rechargeable) 1 x Charger (2-round-pin Plug / 110~240V / 90cm-cable)
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