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The Flyco FS360 Electric Razor is designed with triple floating blade heads to provide a close and smooth shave with nice results. It also comes with a hidden trimmer for precise facial hair grooming that pops up with a push of the button. The ergonomic handle provides secure and comfortable grip and bulit-in rechargeable battery last for up to 60 minutes for cordless use. Triple Independent Floating Blade Equipped with triple floating blade heads, the razor can provide you with a close, smooth and comfortable shave. Dual Ring Shaving Net With dual ring design, the contact area between the razor and face has been enlarged for improved shaving efficiency. Hidden TrimmerJust a push of the button, the trimmer will automatically pop up for you to shave sideburns. Washable Blade Head The shaving blade head can be cleaned under running water when it's opened for easy maintenance. Long Time UsingBuilt-in large capacity battery supports up to 60 minutes of continuous use on a single charge. Specification BrandFlyco Model FS360 Trimmer Pop out hidden trimmer Charging Time 8 hours Using Time 60 minutes Rated Voltage 220V Rated Power 2W Product Power 2W Rated Frequency 50Hz Package Size 156 x 62 x 85mm

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