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The beauty of the Colorado high country, with moose, eagles, elk, and porcupines and tranquil early season snows, can be so effective at helping one maintain a peaceful balance among all the wrangling over the latest political topics, but it wasn't helping Adam Turner that election season. While for many, it's easy to become so enervated by the political system and lose hope that the process will ever yield any rational, logical solution, but for Adam and Hannah Nelson residing in a Colorado ski town, confidence was renewed, and in an effort to help Adam decide who could get it done, the idealistic millennials reviewed the key issues with consideration for the new economy of the twenty-first century and focus on that all-desirable grand plan. With his conservative and liberal friends, Adam stepped back from the froth that pervades the headlines to discuss the biggest issues while enjoying early-season ski runs at Spruce Creek resort, late-fall hikes through stands of lodgepole pines, and leisurely bike rides through leafless aspen groves. Or ...was Adam really just seizing on an easy distraction from the much bigger challenge and the pivotal moment in his own personal life, and more importantly, would he make the right decisions in the end?

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