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a localisation and navigation system for an autonomous wheel loader купить по лучшей цене

1. 8 inch 1024x600 high resolution Capacitive touchscreen for easy operation. 2. Android 4.2.2 system Dual-Core CPU with 1.2Ghz x 2(Maximum is 1.7Ghz X2)Device running super fast 3. Built-in 8GB ROM 4. 1 GB RAM 5. Built-in WIFI support extra 3G USB module 6. Multi-languages menu:English/French/German/Russian/Arabic/Japanese/Spanish/Turkish/Italian/Chinese 7. 1024x600 super high resolution support 1080P video playback(HD FILE) 8. Phonebook functionload phone numbers to unit convenientlymore easier to make calls 9.Built-in Bluetooth microphonealso support extra microphone input. 10. Digital TV function support mpeg2 or mpeg4 or ISDB-T or DVB-T2operate by touch screen.(optional). 11. Built-in GPS navigation; GPS support all kind of GPS software IGOROUTE 66 TOMTOM Google maps and so on support 4D real photo navigation 12.3 zone functionlisten to radio and music watch maps and view website on the same time 13. Built-in radio with 30 preset radio stations 14.RDS function 15.Two TF card slots(Max support 64G) one for music one for GPS map;support TF software upgrade(Android 4.2 upgrade more high level by TF card) 16.ISO cable plug and play 17.RCA rear view camera input (optional) 18.4*60 audio amplifier output 19.Support subwoofer 20.Compatible with DVD/DVD-R/DVD-RW//DIVX(MPEG4)/VCD/MP3/CD/CD-R/CD-RW;Support HD video file(1080p) playing 21.Button functions can be changed by customers 22. With Can bus: Steering wheel control function.
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