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a bf 937 intelligent anti static lead free welding station with soldering iron 220v 70w купить по лучшей цене

Description : A-BF GS60D/GS90D EU Plug 220V 60/90W Soldering Iron Soldering Station 2 in 1 Features : 1. Small volume, double button design, powerful 2. Back to the temperature at 350 degrees, just 8 seconds 3. High quality heating element, super sensitive with the platinum temperature sensing 4. Two display temperature (degrees Celsius, Fahrenheit) 5. Microcomputer temperature compensation value, the temperature error of plus or minus 5 degrees Celsius 6. Power line with high temperature resistance, soft material, high insulation resistance 7. LCD display, temperature stick out a mile 8. Handle imported special materials, high temperature resistance, strong. Specification : Brand Name : A-BF Model Number : GS60D/GS90D Input Voltagle : 220V Output Power : 60W/90W optional Temperature Stability : 2 Output Temperature : 100 - 450 Dimensions : 200 x 22 mm After startup, if the temperature can not reach the ideal heat, please press the yellow button, press once, increased 1 long press the yellow button, temperature will rise rapidly, can freely control After startup, if the temperature is too high and not good for your job, please press the black button, press once to reduce 1 long press the black button, automatically rapid decline, can freely control. Package included : 1 x GS60D/GS90D 220V EU plug 60/90W Soldering Iron & mini Soldering Station 2 in 1 function Comes in original gift box for you. This soldering station have different working voltage and plug style :) This SKU138047 will sell as : 220V EU plug. And we have 230V AU plug in SKU157130, as well as 110V US plug in SKU160494. Also can find the heating element in SKU243445 Details pictures : High Quality Crystal LCD Display : Quality Iron Head and Easy for replacement :
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