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8 single push button in 1 board 4 2 2 4 matrix keyboard single key купить по лучшей цене

4-Port VGA KVM Switch allowing you to plug in up to 4 computers including Windows, Linux, Mac, and Sun based PCs into this one switch. This VGA KVM Switch also features a dual interface consisting of both PS/2 Keyboard and USB ports to plug in a variety of mice and keyboards. Alongside the PS/2 Keyboard and USB ports you will find a VGA port designed to support monitors with resolutions up to 1920 x 1440. Feature 4-Port KVM Switch Allows you to manage up to 4 computers through a single USB or PS/2 keyboard and mouse and a VGA monitor. USB and VGA Support The KVM Switch works with computers that feature standard USB connections for input devices and VGA for display output. VGA resolution of up to 1920 x 1440 is supported, making this a great solution even for large displays. Sun/Mac Keyboard Support and Emulation Complete keyboard emulation for error-free booting, suitable for DVR and online games. Hot-Key and Push-Button Switching The switch allows you to change computers via pre-programmed hot-keys o via push-buttons. This allows you to easily change from one computer to the other. Support Multiplatform Windows, Linux, Mac, and Sun. Plug-And-Play Simply connect the cables to the computers, no software or drivers required. Specification Type USB KVM Switch Connections 4(PCs or Macs) Computer Selection Push Buttons or Hot-Keys Maximum Video Resolution 1920 x 1440 Video Bandwidth 250 MHz Console Port Connectors Keyboard: 1 x USB Type A or PS/2(1 x MD-6F), Mouse: 1 x USB Type A, Monitor: 1 x HDB15/Female Computer Port Connectors 4 x USB 2.0, 4 x HDB15/VGA Male LED Indicators 4 x Ready/Active Input Power USB Bus-Powered Feature Sun/Mac Keyboard Support and Emulation Multiplatform Support Windows, Linux, Max, Sun Cable Length 5ft(1.5m) Enclosure Type Metal Unit Dimension 14L x 8W x 2H cm Package Included 1 x 4-Port KVM Switch, 4 x USB KVM Cable, 1 x Instruction Manual Package Size 20L x 16W x 8H cm Weight 840g
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