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Blockbuster is a modular course in English for absolute beginners and is aimed at students within the category of A2.The Teacher's Book contains detailed Teacher's notes, which provide: objectives of each unit in a clear and concise way; step-by-step lesson plans and suggestions on how to present the material; a full key to the exercises in the Student's Book and Workbook & Grammar Book; tapescripts of all listening material; My Language Portfolio guidelines; instructions & key to board games; a full key to the Test Booklet. К книге прилагаются 3 двусторонних плаката: Blockbuster BOARD GAME 4 (Modules 1-3) / UK Historic Cities; Blockbuster BOARD GAME 5 (Modules 4-7) / American natural wonders; Blockbuster BOARD GAME 6 (Modules 1-8) / Top London Landmarks.
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