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Swim with the fish and see the beauty of the ocean with this THENICE M2018+S209 Snorkel Set, featuring an easily adjustable mask and a submersible dry-top snorkel. This clear silicone set will provide hours of underwater enjoyment. Features Food-grade silicone mask, odorless and fits your face snugly. Auto lock mechanism for one-handed operation. Anti-fog lenses with shockproof PVC frame. Anti-splash snorkel top. Specifications Brand THENICE Model M2018+S209 Mask Material Silicone Lens Material Anti-fog tempered glass Frame Material PVC Snorkel Material Food grade silicone + PVC Snorkel Length 49cm Package Weight 650g Package Size 18 x 9 x 5 cm Package Contents 1 x M2018 Diving Mask 1 x S209 Snorkel
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