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In Kerala there are about 600,000 beehives and over 100,000 workers are engaged in Apiculture. A single hive may yield 4-5 kg of honey. Moreover, the destruction of bee hives Could be a major environmental disaster. Honeybees are responsible for pollinating over 100 commonly eaten fruit and vegetable crops and without bees the food system would be in serious trouble. Rural village dependent on locally grown foods would be most vulnerable. The need of the hour is to check unscientific proliferations of mobile phone towers. More research is essential on how to protect the bee hives from the electromagnetic exposure, but perhaps more to study the impacts on humans. All mobile phone towers emit microwave radiations, which is in the radio frequency radiation (RFR), part of the spectrum of electromagnetic waves. Though RFR, like Ultra violet (UV) and Infra-red light, is a source of non-ionizing radiation, these radiations, together with ionizing electromagnetic radiations such as X- rays, gamma rays make up the electromagnetic spectrum. Radio frequency radiation is a source of thermal energy and in adequate doses, has all the known effects of heating on biological systems.
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