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4 lens rg color stage laser light for disco dj party nightclub pub ktv professional show lighting dmx laser lights led projector купить по лучшей цене

Specification: Product name: 303 Green Burning Laser Pointer+Light Star Cap Model number: SZ Laser 303 Material: aluminum alloy Switch: touch switch Power supply: 1 x 18650(included) Wave length: 532nm Light distance: 5000M-10000M Power: 1-200mw Focus mode: adjustable Light color: Green Laser Pointer Output mode: Constant Wave Weight: 98g Color: Black,Blue,Red,Golden Dimension: 15cm*2.3cm*2.3cm Features: 1.With an extended tube, it can be taken off to suit different needs. 2. It is used to point at any desired target on projection screen, video, etc. 3.It can be used for presentation, teaching indicator, etc. 4.This high quality laser pointer adopts the latest technology optics and microelectronics. 5.Designed with green color light, which is easier for you to find the target and outlight the key point. 6.The copper at the end is fixed by aluminium sheet, which avoids short-ciruit. 7.With a key to lock the laser to avoid power loss -- when the key points at the red point ~ lock (green point~unlock). 8.With star cap, it can show variable wonderful patterns at night. When take off the cap, it is a single beam pointer pen. Li-ion Battery Universal Charger Input:AC110-220V;47-63HZ Output:3.7v/450mA Compatible battery : for 3.6-3.7V lithium battery, such as LIR123A, 18650, 14500 and so on 3.7V 18650 3000mAh Rechargeable Battery Red Battery Type: 18650 Rechargeable Battery No memory effect Environmentally friendly 100% Brand New Voltage: 3.7v Capacity: 3000mAh(Maybe can not up to 3000mAh) Material: Alkaline Battery Size: 65mm x 18mm Rechargeable times: Up to 1800 times Note: 1.This laser can only use 1pcs 18650 lithium battery,other battery doesn't fit it. 2.If the laser doesn't work,pls change the direction of battery,The cathode toward the inside. 3.If there is no light,please use the tail key,it's use to unlock the light of laser. 4.If you want to light the match,pls adjust the focal length. 5.Adopt fixed voltage control, charge light may turn green in advance for the high internal resistance or high voltage battery if you want to completely charge filled, can be placed the battery in the charger to charge for a few more hours. Package included: 1 x Burning Laser 303 Green Laser 2 x Safety key 1 x 18650 Battery 1 x Battery charger
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