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The Christmas is coming! Are you concerned that how to furnish your home with festival atmosphere before Christmas? Don't worry about it anymore. This RGB LED stage lights will be a good Christmas lighting decoration for you. Pretty Appearance Design White crystal prismatic shell shape, automatic rotation, as if you were standing at a great stage. Various Lighting Colors Red, green and blue, three different lighting colors bring people glaring stage effects. Easy Power Supply Support all USB interface, convenient to use. Long Lifespan Up to 8000 hours lifespan and low consumption. Portable Design Adopt particular hook design, easy to install and use. Specifications Name RGB LED Stage Lights Brand KD Material PLA & PMMA Control Mode Auto Light Source 3W Lifespan 8000H LED Color Red, green and blue Working Voltage 5V, all with USB interface USB Cable Length 70cm Working Temperature -30 degree centigrade to +50 degree centigrade Product Weight 88 g Package Size 6L x 6W x 11.3H cm Package Contents 1 x RGB LED Stage Light
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