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3 gang 1 way touch screen wall switch for lamp touch switch white uk standard купить по лучшей цене

Description: 220V Touch Digital LCD Temperature Controller Cooling Heating Switch Thermostat The controller is a smart "super-easy" series temperature controller, and it is used for the temperature control which needs cooling and heating switch automatically. Has the functions as below: temperature measuring, display and control; temperature calibration; lighting control; temperature sensor probe; one key recovery to factory default and key lock. Features: 1. 100% brand new and high quality. 2. Touch Button Design; 3. Cooling and heating auto switch, off cycle defrost, light control; 4. Temperature controlling range: -40 ~ 99; 5. Working voltage: 220V AC10% 50/60HZ; 6. Installation Size: L71 x W29(mm); 7. Sensor type: NTC (10K/25 B Value 3435K). Specification: 1. Sensor Length: 2m (include probe) 2. Working voltage: 220VAC10% 50/60 HZ 3. Compressor: 10A/220VAC; defrosting: 10A/220VAC; lighting: 10A/220VAC 4. Working environment temperature: -5~60; Working relative humidity: 10%~90%(non-condensing). 5. Storage temperature: -25~75 6. Temperature controlling range: -40~99 7. Display resolution: 0.1; -30~50 10.5digit; others, 20.5digit 8. Sensor type: NTC (10K/25 B Value 3435K) Package includes: 1 x Mini Digital Temperature Controller 1 x Temperature sensor probe with 2m cable Details pictures:
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