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From the treasures of Taipei's National Palace Museum to the stunning marble cliffs of Taroko Gorge, from bamboo forests to hot spring retreats, it's all covered in the "Insight Guide to Taiwan". This brand new edition Insight Guide to Taiwan features a wealth of inspiring full-colour photography, including outstanding double page spreads of Taiwan's superb scenery. Expert local writers ensure this guide is an inspiring background read, serves as an invaluable, on-the-spot companion and is a superb, visual souvenir of a visit. The top attractions are identified to help you plan your trip priorities and a "Best of" section highlights the most unique experiences Taiwan has to offer, along with personal recommendations on what to see and do whilst there. An in-depth 'Places' section covers the entire country, region by region, with all the principal sites cross-referenced by number to the accompanying full-colour maps. Additional maps inside the front and back covers enable instant orientation and easy navigation around Taiwan. Colour-coded sections explore Taiwan's history and include interesting features on everything from Culture, Religion and Art to the people who live there. A comprehensive Travel Tips section details transport, accommodation for all budgets, eating out, activities, and an A-Z of other practical information, including useful contact numbers, to ensure your trip goes smoothly. The unique combination of insightful exploration alongside practical advice means that this guide truly is a pleasure to read before, during and after your visit.
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