20v 1 2a power module 220v to 20v acdc direct switching power supply isolation can be customized - купить omni-bar.ru  
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20v 1 2a power module 220v to 20v acdc direct switching power supply isolation can be customized купить по лучшей цене

This module is a high-efficiency Step-up/down regulator modules automatically using the LTC3780 as the main chip. Input voltage is higher than the output voltage can also be lower than the output voltage and the output voltage is maintained constant. For example set the output to 12V then the input voltage changes between 5~32V the output voltage at 12V unchanged. The module has perfect protection function can be widely used in notebook power supply car power industrial power model power embedded systems and so on. Features: 1. Output over-current short circuit protection output short circuit is not afraid even end the circuit will automatically protect 2. Inputs with 15A fuse 3. Chip with overheat protection over-temperature automatically stop working 4. Input under-voltage protection input voltage is lower than 4.5V to stop working 5. No input reverse polarity protection input and output reversed will burn 6. Soft-start function to ensure that the power process without overshoot voltage 7. Enable direct control of the output voltage switches straightforward ground to close the output voltage the module goes into sleep mode not connected (floating) opens output. 8. Input and outpus are used LC filter and the use of large-capacity high-frequency ceramic capacitors and low-impedance electrolytic capacitors from Taiwan ensuring very low input and output ripple. Input 14V output 12V10A Ripple <= 30mVp-p. Especially in the automotive application conditions does not interfere with other devices 9. Connection: Terminal type Application examples 1). Vehicle equipment for the power supply the instability of the car and noisy 12V converted to a stable clean 12V output to the car MP3 MP4 GPS media players cell phones computers and other equipment powered vehicle. 2). DIY an adjustable DC power supply 12V input connected to a power supply the output voltage can be freely adjusted between 0.8 and 24. Can be used for maintenance of the power supply can also be used for a variety of laboratory simple cost-effective suitable for all types of electronic enthusiasts. 3). Car notebook for power the car will be unstable and noisy of 12V the books need to boost the voltage such as 16V 19V 20V.
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