20v 1 2a power module 220v to 20v acdc direct switching power supply isolation can be customized - купить omni-bar.ru  
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20v 1 2a power module 220v to 20v acdc direct switching power supply isolation can be customized купить по лучшей цене

Brand N/A Model 03100294 Quantity 1 Color Blue Material Glass fiber + electronics components Specification Working temperature: -40'C~+85'C; Working frequency: 150KHz Features Mobile car charger laptop power supply Application 600W DC-DC boost module mobile car charger laptop power supply English Manual/Spec Yes Other Module Parameters: 600W booster module with constant current; Module properties: Unfenced booster module (BOOST); Input voltage: Two optional input voltage range (select through the jumper line); 8~16V input: (for three series of lithium electricity and 12V battery) In the state of this input do not overpressure input or you will burn out the module; 12~60V input: The factory default range (With wide input voltage range); Input current: 16A (max.) more than 10A please enhance heat dissipation; Static working current: 15mA (12V up to 20V The higher the output voltage the static voltage will increase); Output voltage: 12~80V continuous adjustable; Output current: 12A max. more than 10A please strengthen heat dissipation (related to the input / output differential pressure; The smaller the pressure difference the greater the output current); Constant current range: 0.1~12A; Output power: = input voltage x 10A such as: input 12V x10A = 120W input 24V x 10A = 240W; Input 36V x 10A = 360W input 48V x 10A = 480W input 60V x 10A = 600W; If you need more powerful can be used two modules in parallel such as the output to 15A can use two modules in parallel the current of each module can be transferred to 8A; Working temperature: -40'C~+85'C (please enhance heat dissipation when the environment temperature is too high); Working frequency: 150KHz; Transfer efficiency: Up to 95%. (efficiency related to the input / output voltage current differential voltage); Over current protection: Yes; (Input more than 17A reduce output voltage automatically has the certain range of error); Short-circuit protection: Yes. (Enter 20A fuse). Double short circuit protection to make it more safety; Input reverse connect protection: No. ( If needed please input diode series); Installation method: 2 PCS 3mm screws; Connection mode: Output terminal without soldering; Module size: 76mm x 60mm x 56 mm (L x W x H); Application scope: DIY a regulated power supply input 12V output can be 12~80V adjustable; Supply power for your electronic equipment can set output value according to your system voltage; As a automotive power supply can supply power for your laptop PDA or all kinds of digital products; DIY a high-power notebook mobile power supply with large capacity 12V lithium battery series which can let your laptop go wherever you like; Solar panel regulator; Recharge storage battery lithium battery etc.; Driving high power LED lights Packing List 1 x Module
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