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Rated Current: 10A - Rated Voltage: 100~240V - Application: Residential / General-Purpose - Grounding: Standard Grounding - Type: Wall Socket - Wi-Fi Smart Socket (AU plug) - Product Overview: Wi-Fi smart socket connects to the Internet through Wi-Fi network and controls the power of home appliances smart phone or other device can control the switch of socket and track the status of socket at any place where network is available one device can support more than one Wi-Fi smart socket controller. Wi-Fi smart socket using SmartLink net technology you can easily access settings. Besides it has timing function you can DIY for your favorite and power indicator for your energy tracking let you have fun on local or remote control your home appliances. - Supports 10 groups of timming setting - Supports up to 150 smart sockets controlled by cell phone Feature: - Support WiFi network. - Support Smart configure net technology easy to access settings. - Support status tracking home appliances status timely feedback to your device. - Power indicator helps tracking energy spending - Easy installation easy handling and can be activated immediately and stably. - Wireless frequency 2.412~2.484GHz - Wireless IEEE standards IEEE802.11b/g/n - Security type WEP/TKIP/AES - Security mechanism WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK/WPA/WPA2/WEP/WPS2/WAPI - Wireless consumption: ≤0.3W - Working condition temp: -20~45'C - Humidity: ≤80%
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