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Tarot TL400H5 MT2204 2300KV Brushless Motor with 6045 3 Leaves Propellers CW CCW Specification: Brand name :Tarot Item name :2204 2300KV Brushless with 6045 3 Leaves Propellers Number of battery section Support: 3S Paddle mounting diameters: 5MM Propeller: 6 inch clover paddle TL300E White resistance: 4m Stator diameter: 22MM Load current: 0.4A-0.8A Stator Thickness: 4.0 Stator: 12 Motor poles: 14 Speed: 2300KV 5% Motor outer diameter: 28MM Axial Diameter: 2MM Motor Length: 39MM Motor Weight: 24.5G Feature : Tarot 2204-2300KV brushless motor suitable for 280/300 Multicopter MT2204 brushless motor with 0.20mm ultra-thin high-efficiency silicon steel Base mounting holes Motor 16MM / 19MM, it is compatible with the most of frame Note: Black nut is CW Silvery nut is CCW Package Included: 1 X MT2204-2300KV positive self-locking screw motor 4 X Within M2.5 5MM cup head hex screws 1 X CW 6045 3Leaves propellers 1 X CCW 6045 3Leaves propellers

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