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Microprocessor is the brain of the computer. It works as Central Processing Unit of the computer. It contains ALU (Arithmetic Logical Unit), Registers; Control Unit & Memory.ALU is the heart of the CPU which performs the arithmetic as well as logical operations. Advanced processor architectures are based on high speed or low power consumption. Here designing of advanced processor is discussed which provides high speed by designing Onchip Instruction Memory & Data Memory.Throughput are increased by adding more than one ALU in execution unit. This processor architecture is known as Very Long Instruction Word (VLIW) based on Parallel Processing i.e. executes more than one instruction at the same time.So this architecture is suitable for multiprocessing or multitasking operations. The data path of this processor includes Instruction Memory, Fetch, Decode, Execution, Write back stage, Onchip Memory & Data Memory. Control Path includes the finite state machine implemented using the concept of Moore Machine. The final architecture is implemented in Virtex 2Pro FPGA based on 90nm CMOS Technology. Comparison is done between the previous designed architectures with present designed architect
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