15kw cnc driver spindle water cooled spindle motor 80 188mm with er11 collet 220v - купить omni-bar.ru  
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1 5kw cnc driver spindle water cooled spindle motor 80 188mm with er11 collet 220v купить по лучшей цене

1pcs 5 Axis CNC Breakout Board For Stepper Driver Controller mach3 is available now from our US and UK warehouse Free shipping to US and UK in 3-6 business days ship to Canada, Brazil in 7-10 days in US warehouse ship to European countries in 7-10 days in UK warehouse 5 Axis CNC Breakout Interface Board For Stepper Driver Mach3 With USB Cable Description: Fully support of MACH3 and other computer software support for parallel port control. USB power supply and peripherals powered phase separation to protect computer security. Peripheral wide voltage input,12-24V, and anti-reverse function. All of the input signal, all the light lotus isolated, which can be accessed emergency stop on the knife, the limit to protect computer security. Feature: All the way to the relay output port, control spindle switch. Output port P17 mouth. All the way through the optocoupler isolated 0-10V analog voltage output can be controlled with the corresponding analog interface converter to control the spindle speed. Output port P1 port. Open all 17 ports, which can be accessed with the optocoupler drive, 5-axis stepper motor can be controlled. P1 as PWM outputs can be controlled with optocoupler input spindle governor. Can be accessed by a common cathode or common anode input level to 5V drive. Package included: 1 x 5 Axis breakout board 1 x USB cable
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