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Very magic and unique design Decorative Cushion Cover with reversible shining sequin, made of cotton and polyester. Invisible zipper for easy cleaning. Two color combination allows you to create different patterns with just one wipe. It is not only very comfortable but also perfect for decorating your house or car. Cool and Glittering Double Color Sequin Decorative Cushion Cover The front side has a high quality, reversible sequin. The back side has a black Satin cover with a zip closure. You can change the color of the pillow case depending on your mood with just one wipe of your hand. Has a very stylish color combination that allows you to create patterns. A perfect decoration for home, car, café, etc. Specifications Material Cotton and polyester Style Simple / Contemporary Design Sequin / Double color Size 40 x 40 cm Package Weight 120 g Package Size 20 x 20 x 3 cm Package Content 1 x Decorative Cushion Cover (Without Cushion Inner)
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