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A geometrical and mathematical solution to a problem faced in the glass industry in this work. Volume measurement of the glass gob is vital in making glassware. Geometric models were used to represent the glass gob. A line scan camera system takes the images of the glass gob and the volume information of the glass gob is obtained by the image processing in the industry. This work is carried out to implement a simulator which estimates the change in the volume measurement of glass gob through line scan when it is rotated or when its shape is changed. A mixture of graphical and mathematical approaches is used to carry out this study. Geometric models have been used to represent the different gob models. Geometric models facilitate the manipulation of volumetric data. A simple and effective technique is used in this work. The problem is divided into steps. Volume measurement through a line scan technique is simulated. An easy to use graphical user interface (GUI) is designed to interact with the gob model and check the results of volume measurements.

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