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This book contains a detailed guide to various types of farming machinery, specifically focusing on the harrow and including information on its operation and repair. Written in simple, clear language and profusely illustrated, this helpful and comprehensive guide will be of much interest to the farmer, and makes for a worthy addition to any collection of farming literature. Although old, much of the information contained herein is still applicable to modern harrows. The chapters of this book include: 'Disk Harrows', 'Types of Disk Harrows', 'Requirements of Good Work', 'Operation and Adjustments', 'Good Care Lengthens Life', 'Spike-Tooth Harrows', 'Spring-Tooth Harrows', 'Repairing Farm Machinery', 'Repairing the Spike-Tooth Harrow', 'Repairing the Spring Tooth Harrow', etcetera. We are proud to be republishing this text now complete with a new introduction on farming.
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