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линейные направляющие lc 1 sbr16 l 1500 2 sbr16uu sfu1605 купить по лучшей цене

L-C Power Filter-2A RTF LC-FILTER (3AMP 2-4S) LC Module Lllustrated Eliminate Moire Video Signal Filtering Feature: Maximum input voltage: 16V Maximum current: 2A Color: Black Fit for: Remote controlled aircraft, Multicopter, Quadcopter, Airplane, Helicopter Fuel Source: Electric Model: RTF LC-FILTER Size: length: 3.5cm width: 1.1cm heigth: 1cm Product weight: 14g Specificatons: 1 The filter is an LC type that uses large value inductor and capacitor components. 2 LC filter is suitable for the collocation FPV map,which is effectively reduce the noise caused by DC power 3 This filter can clean up the dirty power supply. 4 There are lots of advantage,such as,perfect in sensitive FPV,RC-components,compact and effective LC filter. Package Included: 1pcs x RTF LC-FILTER (3AMP 2-4S)
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