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Select Shanghai is a brand-new, full-color guide to this exciting metropolis, offering authentic experiences, fresh discoveries, and a good dose of local culture, all brought together in an engaging narrative style by a writer who knows the city inside-out. The guide begins with an inspirational In the mood for… section, filled with suggestions covering a wide range of things to do, places to eat, drink and shop - all grouped by mood. Whether you're looking for a gourmet blow-out, wee-hours entertainment, views from the top of a gigantic skyscraper, or a quintessential Shanghai experience such as strolling along Nanjing Road, there's a list of options to match your mood. The heart of the guide, The Selection, offers a collection of over 100 inspiring ideas for a memorable stay in Shanghai, with plenty of secret gems and off-beat haunts in the mix. Take in the mesmerising views across the river to Pudong's futuristic skyline from one of the venerable buildings along the Bund or on a river boat tour; sample delectable Chinese street food in the old town or people-watch at one of the city's quirky caf?s; shop for antiques at Dongtai Market or custom-made clothes at the South Bund Fabric Market, then take in some of the French Concession's museums and cutting-edge art galleries; indulge in a spot of qigong spa therapy at one of the city's luxury (but affordable) well-being centers; sip molecular cocktails or dine on Peruvian piqueos in a renovated colonial villa. The selections are organized by city neighborhood, from the riverside Bund through the shopping thoroughfare of Nanjing Road to the atmospheric old town, the upscale dining and nightlife area of Xintiandi, the leafy French Concession, the remarkable architecture of Pudong across the river, and the northern and western districts of this vast city. So wherever you are and however much time you have, you can dip in and find inspiration, packed with insider tips and backed up with clear and detailed mapping, and a wealth of practical information. Hotels is a separate section offering a hand-picked selection of great places to stay in Shanghai, organized by theme, whether you are seeking somewhere historic, small and stylish, quirky, luxurious and grand, or with a top-notch view. Finally, the Essentials section incorporates a user-friendly run-down of information on getting around Shanghai and other key practical points, plus thematic and general indexes.
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