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The Pit Stop Formula for Managers to Achieve Effortless High PerformanceAre you a Formula 1 buff? Even if you are not, have you had a chance to watch a Formula 1 (F1) race? It is probably the most grueling race in the world, where only the best qualify. These drivers are daredevils, deeply passionate about the sport and have nerves of steel. They are backed by great machines, great automobile research and great support teams. There is nothing really that sets one F1 driver apart from the other among the top 10. If that is so, how is it that some of them win consistently? How are F1 drivers like Lewis Hamilton and Mark Webber so consistent in winning the race every time? What separates winners from those who almost win? If this question bothers you, then Pit Stops for Peak Performance is for you.In a race where winning depends on speed and your ability to race ahead of others, what really differentiates winners from others are your SMART STOPS. This includes planned stops as well as unplanned stops. These stops in Formula 1 lingo are called PIT STOPS. Pit stops can make or break a race. A lot of races are won in the pit, according to IndyCar driver Will Power.Isnt your work as a manager like the Formula 1 race where you are racing for excellence through the year? If pit stops differentiate the winners from others, how smart are your pit stops?You will learn how to: Achieve high performance Set and achieve reasonable and realistic goals Develop teams and motivate them Analyze t...
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