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Tony Spinella, commander of the Robbery Squad, has been picking up the pieces of his career since the betrayal of a trusted employee two years earlier. Anita's criminal actions resulted in the deaths of several police officers, including Tony's partner and almost Tony himself, plus the theft of millions in confiscated narcotics from the police property room.Out of nowhere, Tony receives a tip from the DEA that Anita has somehow escaped prison in Italy and now sends a team of professional killers to exact her revenge. If true, Tony could be in mortal danger and will need all his street smarts to prevent the cold-blooded murder of the people he loves. Tony and Anita used to be friends; she knows this. He helped her many times, but he is the reason she wasted two long, hard years behind bars. It's time for Tony to pay. Anita hunts the same group of friends and police officers responsible for her arrest. She's had ample time and resources to plot her retaliation, and now, Tony must stop her for good.
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